Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy One-Year Anniversary to "Points in My Life"

Many years ago, the very first time I made deviled eggs to take to a friend's party, I cut the eggs widthwise instead of lengthwise. For those who remember Weebles (they wobble but they don't fall down?) can picture what these deviled eggs looked like, except these were Weeble rejects because they did fall over. However, I was pressed for time so I took them anyway; and good thing I did too because everyone so enjoyed making fun of me and my deviled eggs the whole night!
Who would have thought, many years later, I would create my own cooking/recipe blog? One year ago today, I posted my first blog! Click Here if you'd like to read. 
I remember telling my husband that although I hoped someone would read my blog, it really didn't matter because I enjoyed just typing up new recipes and writing about my life's experiences. That must have been a little white lie because when my husband told me 1000 different people have viewed this blog, I wanted to go celebrate at our favorite restaurant! :) So to my visitors and over 120 Facebook fans, I want to say THANK YOU! 
I do have to confess, not only was my starting this blog due to the encouragement of my husband, but also to one of my favorite movies, "Julie & Julia" (with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams). After watching that movie for the umpteenth time, I thought "You know what? I could blog!" I had been taking and altering recipes or creating my own for quite sometime; tweaking each one to make them low-point and low calorie. My husband and I started watching what we ate and had great success in just three months. That's when I started thinking that there had to be more people out there who wanted to lose weight but not forego taste in order to achieve their goals. With these simple and delicious recipes anyone can cook, bake, and enjoy all of this low-point, low-calorie, food virtually guilt-free!
A year ago today, with only the thought of creating a blog that might only be viewed by me, and seeing how many visitors and Facebook fans I have today, is a real surprise. It's because of the advice from those Facebook fans that I have created my first cookbook, "Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle, Volume 1". Having sold over 30 cookbooks in less than a month made me realize even more what a difference one year can make! Makes me anxious to see what's in store for year two of "Points in My Life".

Happy Anniversary to me!

"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone." - G. B. Stern

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