Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day One of My New Blog!

Thanks to my husband's encouragement I have decided to share the "Points in My Life" that have helped me to become a better me, both physically and spiritually. 
Through diet, exercise, prayer, laughter, and an occasional fountain Diet Mt. Dew from Quizno's (one of my favorite drinks), I've come to realize I have accumulated quite a few recipes and tips that I would love to share that might help others as well. I am not a fitness guru. I am just tired of wanting to look fit and feel more healthy without taking any action to make that happen. 
Similar to the point system that Weight Watcher's uses, I have added handy "calculator" tools right on my blog site so people will be able to quickly calculate how many points they should eat within a day as well as a point calculator to help you stay within your range of points with the foods you choose to eat.  
Not all of my posts will be diet/food related because I have lots more to share. I will say that when I started watching my points a little over a month ago and keeping track of everything I ate, I began to lose the pounds I've been wanting to lose for a year and have lost a total of seven so far. Seven is great when the scale hadn't budged in a year! I'll take it! 
I'm hoping this blog reaches someone who is just beginning to think they want to make a change but are too afraid of jumping in with both feet. Too much diet and exercise information can be scary and boring and we soon find ourselves going back to the comforts of what's probably not the best for us. This blog is here only to encourage, enlighten, and hopefully make you smile.  :)