Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taking a Low-Point Food Item Break?

Sometimes you need to take a break from posting low-point food items and recipes and a puppy? Huh??
My husband and I purchased our first puppy. We had no plans to buy a puppy... until I saw THIS puppy, a girl, just what I wanted. Well, we had thought about getting a dog, but we both agreed we'd wait awhile (whatever that means since we have been married almost 20 years already.)
Our neighbor breeds Maltese and Pomeranians; and the result is the most adorable little "Maltipoms" you've ever seen. Still, we had no intention of buying one at this time. We did have fun picking out the perfect little girl names for our "pretend" puppy. Since our family has always been beach and snorkel lovers, our daughter came up with the name Coral. We loved it; and so then it was settled, we now had the perfect name for our pretend puppy!
When a friend asked if I'd like to go see our neighbor's newborn Maltipoms one day, I surprised myself by saying, "No." I knew I would just be torturing myself seeing these precious puppies, knowing we weren't going to get one right now. However, I did ask if any of the puppies were "girls". One, out of three, was a girl. Shoot... maybe someday.
Then it happened one day, when I returned home from the grocery store; my neighbor walked over and said "Come over for a minute, the puppies are in my garage." Hesitantly, I went over for just a second, which was just about how long it took for me to see her and fall in love. "My Coral". She NEEDED to be mine. Asking if I could borrow her for a minute, I took her home to show my husband. Looking at me, then at the puppy, then back at me, it was obvious he didn't know which one of us was being most successful in giving him those pitiful puppy dog eyes. Needless to say, MY puppy dog eyes won him over (well maybe that and him thinking it over for about a week) for him to give in and say, "Yes, we can have her." :)
Coral is now "home" with us! Not ever having a puppy before, I am amazed at how quickly you tune in to their needs and schedule. She is such an adorable sweet puppy and the perfect addition to our family. It has also been fun going into our local pet stores; and I'm in disbelief at how many precious pink puppy accessories they have that I "need".
We love our new puppy and know our love for her will grow as she becomes more a part of our family...and finally finishes potty training. - xo

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