Thanks to my husband's encouragement, in June 2010 I created this website and began to share the "Points in My Life" that have helped me to become a better person, both physically and spiritually. 

Through diet, exercise, prayer, laughter, and an occasional fountain Diet Mt. Dew (one of my favorite soft drinks), I've come to realize that I have accumulated quite a few tasty recipes and healthy eating tips that might help others as well. I am not a fitness guru or dietician. I just wanted to look fit and feel more healthy, and I believe that there are many others just like me. 

Similar to the point system used by some dieting services, I provide handy "points calculators" right on this website, so people will be able to quickly and easily determine how many points they should eat each day and the points provided by the foods they may choose to eat. When I started keeping track of my points and watching everything that I ate, I began to lose the pounds I had been trying to lose for a very long time. 

Not all of my blog posts are diet or food related because I have a lot more to share. This blog is also here to encourage, enlighten, and hopefully make you smile.  :)