For the last several years, I have helped my family, friends, and myself eat healthier without skimping on servings, flavor, or eating satisfaction. By developing new recipes and slightly tweaking old favorites, I have found creative ways to turn tasty, high-calorie dishes into healthy, low-calorie sensations.

The wonderful, delicious, and easy-to-follow recipes featured in my cookbooks are some of the most popular ones published on this blog. Although this website is viewed by health conscience visitors from around the world, many people have asked me to share a collection of the best recipes in the form of a book. This makes it very convenient to follow the recipes in the kitchen as you prepare your meals.

The great thing about these recipes is that instead of the tedious task of counting calories, fat, and fiber for each of the recipe ingredients, you can follow the easy “food points” system. Use the simple calculator tools found on this website to determine how many “food points” your body requires each day. Then keep track of the number of points for each serving of your food selection that is included with each of the recipes. No more having to study recipes and ingredients trying to decide whether or not you can enjoy them! With these recipes, you can enjoy each and every creation over and over!

I hope that you buy these cookbooks and enjoy all of these fabulous recipes. Share them with family and friends, and encourage them to purchase their own copy so you can keep yours all to yourself. Remember that this cookbook is an ideal gift for giving! Each book features more than 100 pages of recipes grouped into categories for Appetizers, EntrĂ©es, and Desserts. The big 8.5” by 11” format and large print makes the recipes easy to read, and the spiral binding allows the book to conveniently stay open flat, making the cookbooks simple to use while you are busy creating in the kitchen.

You can make an immediate purchase of “Healthy Cooking Made Easy” ($15.99) and “Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle” ($14.99) using Google Wallet or PayPal Payments. A modest $2.00 charge for each copy purchased covers careful packaging and shipping costs for destinations within the United States.